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Our Odes

Birth: First Set of Bricks

We've created our first set of Bricks (Clover, Stylist and Sibyl) pre-mint.

Clover is a user-friendly raffle mint protocol. Stylist is a dynamic generating engine for NFT art and metadata. Sibyl is a safe, fair and affordable on-chain randomness generator.

By combining Clover and Sibyl, Odes will kick off with a fun, fair, and bot-free raffle mint. Post-mint, we will focus on refining our first set of Bricks and open them to the Odes community to use however they choose.

Casino: Caerus and Apostle

Caerus is a fully on-chain gambling solution with coin flip, loot box, crash game, slot machine and other games. Based on Sibyl, each gambling result from Caerus is verifiable and cannot be manipulated.

Apostle is a Web3 native referral code solution aiming to help projects grow on-chain. Projects can use Apostle's referral system to set discounts for NFTs or Web3 services, share commissions with supporters.

We will combine Caerus and Apostle to launch an automatic revenue share casino on-chain.

Art: Alchemist and Stylist Pro

Providing a seamless and powerful NFT creation experience, Alchemist aims to be a no-code toolkit for NFT creators to move from generation to mint.

Using Alchemist, project developers can define their own generation rules in a user-friendly front-end page. Drag and drop to design your art and generation event. Post-mint, use Stylist Pro to allow holders to customize their traits in fun ways.

Fusion: Horae and Reactor

Horae is a new Web3 non-custodial staking solution equipped with flexible settings to suit a variety of tokenomics and gamified staking systems. Drawing from Hermes' oracle data, Horae will be the most powerful staking solution on-chain.

Reactor is a universal protocol for interactions between NFTs. To help developers build stronger contracts, Reactor will provide pre-defined modules which include Breeding, Fusion, PvP, and more.

One For All: Station

Station will integrate different services into a single page. We will launch Ubik Labs' own Station in Fall/Winter 2022.

After adequate iterations, we are confident that we will develop Station into a standardized front-end framework by Fall 2023.

Start: Brick by Brick

We expect to release the beta version of Ubik's entire Bricks system by Winter 2023. Until then, we estimate one year of development for new Bricks and Brick optimization.

The beta version will guarantee Brick interoperability. In later versions, Ubik Bricks will allow users to build their own NFT services with drag-and-drop, just like building Lego.