Safe, Fair, and Affordable On-Chain Randomizer

The randomizer of your dreams

Random Number Generation

Sibyl generates randomness (random numbers/strings) which cannot be manipulated.

Provably Fair

To ensure fairness, Sibyl can provide a cryptographic proof for each randomization.


Compared to normal VRF services, Sibyl costs 90% less. Sibyl is built for large-scale adoption.

Safe Kit

In addition to Sibyl's randomizer, we also provide complete solutions to prevent common attacks (e.g., Revert Attacks).

Use Cases

On-Chain Games can provide their players with random events that include verifiable cryptographic proofs. Use Sibyl for gacha games, loot drops, rewards and more.


Use randomized ticket draws to distribute all kinds of rewards such as whitelist spots, prizes or souvenirs. Each ticket is transferable. Every result is fair and verifiable.


New NFT projects can use Sibyl to hold whitelist raffles or determine who receives NFTs during mint.

Raffle Mint

The most familiar application of random number generation is gambling. Sibyl's safe, fair and affordable randomization would be the basis for all types of gambling.

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