Stress-Free. Fair Play.

What's Clover?

Clover is an old-school NFT mint protocol aiming to bring a fair, fun, and bot-free mint experience to Solana. Clover is the naturally chill way to mint.

When Raffle Meets Mint

Imagine using a raffle system to mint. You can include extra raffle prizes to incentivize minters and there’s no need to coordinate your whole supply as whitelists. Take control of boosting participation.

No first-come, first-served. No grinding for whitelist. No bots. No pump and dump on secondary markets. And most importantly: no stress throughout the whole process. Clover is the next generation of mint protocols.

Be Chill. Be Cool.

The mint experience is just as important as the collection. By rethinking the relationship between users and NFTs, Clover brings the experience of Gachapon Machines to the streets of our Web3 world.

Using a friendly 3D UI, Clover aims to promote the relationship between people and their NFTs. It’s an intuitive way to expand your collection to Web2 collectors.

We support a wide range of customization to the minting process—whether it's a front-end interface, a souvenir NFT, or even a mini game to accompany your mint.

all the features you need


We offer mini games on our 3D machine by default. Forget waiting around for secondary listings. Play old-school games for fun right after mint!

Bulk mint

Clover allows users to bulk mint NFTs. Users can buy as many capsules (‘tickets’) as they like and, if they win, they’ll receive their NFTs after the raffle.


Clover is 50X faster than competitors. It can raffle 1M ticket in 5 mins or 100K tickets in 2 mins. No need to wait raffle results any more.


No setup fee. No royalties. We only take a cut of your capsule fees. Holding Ubiks grants a discount!


Based on Sibyl, every raffle result is verifiable on-chain and cannot be tampered with.


Mint is the starting point of your collection. By using Clover, your collection receives priority on all services from Ubik Labs.

Simple Mint Steps



Buy as many capsules as you’d like.



While people purchase their capsules, play old-school games to kill time.



Open your capsules. Winner will get NFT. Losing tickets will get refund.

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